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A5:SQL Mk-2 Copylight(C) 1998 m.matsubara
SQL Development Environment & ER Diagram Tool / Freeware
for Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL, MySQL etc...

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Version 2.16.1 (x64)
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Version 2.16.1 (x86)
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Version 2.16.1 (x64)


  A5:SQL Mk-2 is a free SQL development tool developed to support database development.
 It is developed with the goal of being highly functional and lightweight and easy to understand its usage.
 In addition to executing SQL and editing tables, you can get SQL execution plans and create ER diagrams.
 Only provided Japanese resources since 1998, but since April 2017 version 2.12.0 including English resources was released.

Runtime image

SQL Editor (SQL input completion can be used)
Runtime image: SQL Editor - SQL input completion
SQL Designer (Edit SQL in GUI)
Runtime image: SQL Designer
Compare SQL Execution Resultsets (You can run the query twice and compare the results)
Runtime image: Compare SQL Execution Resultsets
ER Editor
Runtime image: ER Editor
Table Editor
Runtime image: Table Editor
Show SQL Explain Plan
Runtime image: SQL Explain Plan
Output Excel
Runtime image: Output Excel
Table Difinition Document
Runtime image: Table Difinition Document
Control panel (Database management function/Oracle, MySQL olry)
Runtime image: Control panel


  • Connection to various databases
     (You can connect directly to Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite)

  • SQL input completion function
    When you press Ctrl+Space, you can parse the SQL statement and complete input of table name and table column name. It is a powerful function to analyze common table expressions and subqueries.

  • Create and edit SQL with GUI
     Using the GUI you can create queries using query design and analysis.

  • Show SQL Explain Plan
     Displays the explain plan (access plan) when the RDBMS executes SQL.
     Oracle Database, IBM DB2, SQLServer, MySQL, PostgreSQL only function.

  • Format SQL
     Analyze parentheses and subqueries, and indent as necessary.
      Multiple SQL statements can be processed at once.

  • Continuous execution of SQL delimited by ";" (semicolon) or "/" (slash) or "GO" at the beginning of the line
     Only the caret position, after caret position, you can designate the whole and execute SQL continuously.

  • Multiple result sets are output to Excel collectivelyRun SQL twice and compare the results
    You can run the SQL script twice and compare and display the result set (it is also possible to compare multiple result sets).
    Comparison result set can be output to Excel.

  • Ability to embed pseudo-instructions that specify column names, result set titles, etc. in query comments
     There is a function to specify detailed behavior of the query during query comment.

  • A table editor that can input and output to Excel
     You can output the contents of the table (or the result of the query) to Excel.
    You can also paste from Excel into the table editor.

  • Export and import table contents
     You can export and import table contents in CSV format.
    This CSV format is compatible with Excel.
    You can also export and import tables in the database in bulk.

  • Ability to insert a large amount of test dummy d
     Create dummy data that can be used for load testing.

  • Execute stored procedures
     In the case of Oracle PL / SQL, it is possible to pause at break point and reference / change variable contents in debug execution.

  • ER Diagram edit
     You can create an ER diagram of the database, output DDL, print / create bitmap.
    It is also possible to reverse-generate ER diagrams from existing databases.


OS Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012
Corresponding database Oracle(OCI connection or direct connection or OLEDB, ODBC)
Microsoft SQL Server (Use OLE DB Provider) IBM DB2 (Use ODBC) PostgreSQL (Direct connection or ODBC)
MySQL (Direct connection)
Other OLEDB, ODBC compatible database

To use 32bit OLE DB provider, ODBC please use 32 bit version A5:SQL Mk-2. To use 64bit OLE DB provider, ODBC please use 64 bit version A5:SQL Mk-2. Some functions only support Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL.
Other CPU and memory that OS can operate comfortably


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